Fri Oct 21, 1: Dual boot is a must for the time being. Here’s the main link to their HP Touchpad page , although they do lots more. I use the webos TP almost everyday. I think it is as good as beta or even first release – No swipe up gesture and card switching. Is everything usable under CM7? I use google apps from the 15th or so of february, and 2way auth works without any issue.

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There are reports on the rootzwiki thread that the version of Netflix that was just released breaks the video, so don’t upgrade Netflix until that is sorted out What am I missing?

As application support for WebOS lags further behind both Android and iOS, and with the open-sourced future of the popular WebOS platform in doubt, Android provides a stable alternative with hundreds of thousands of applications. Looks like I spoke too soon. You’ll need to load it back on.


Yeah go wijdows storage, select the three dots on the right hand corner and press USB computer connection. But as far as I know, overclocking the processor may cause damage to the device!

I’m looking for something with a unified inbox, perhaps with a dual pane view three panes like WebOS is too much to hope for.

Tue Oct 18, 2: Wed Oct 19, 5: Wed Oct 19, 7: Keep up the good work. Last edited by Invid on Wed Oct 19, Wed Oct 19, 6: The default mail app has unified inbox.

Install Android to breathe new life into your HP TouchPad

When I went to 3. Is everything usable under CM7? Thanks for the help!!! Oct 13, Posts: Katien Mail has a multi-pane view: If you want to install the extra Google Apps stuff, reboot. Can I play Pumpkins touchpxd.

CyanogenMod 9 ICS ROM For HP TouchPad [Download & Install]

How stable is Android on the TouchPad? Also copy the gapps zip file into the root of the HP TouchPad’s drive.


I may not be booting to webos anymore. I’m having trouble with this. The folks making Ice Create Sandwich work is the Cyanogen team.

CyanogenMod 9 ICS ROM For HP TouchPad [Download & Install]

I’m seeing a few reports of that on the Rootzwiki site. Tuesday, February 28, 4: Very curious what that is going to do with the perf. Upgraded to Alpha 2. Afterwards, the Touchstone will charge the Touchpad until you next reboot.

You’ll want to fetch a couple of files. Compared to Nook Color CM7 installs. After flashing when I connect the TP Win 7 tries to install a driver but fails to do so.

So, until it gets merged back into the main Android thread, here’s a little dedicated thread for y’all.