Ein Gutes Board als media pc gut geeignet. But a problem remains: In fact, I’d say the two processors are pretty close—close enough that some of the time you wouldn’t know the difference without looking. And perhaps a little surprisingly, the chipset is from SiS, with their northbridge and southbridge being used. Instead, to raise the issue through normal support channels, please see:. The credit can only be withdrawn by placing an order.

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The only things you need to add other than a case are power and DDR2 memory.

One of these days I will get a proper case for this thing. Conflicting opinions exist on the subject of whether or not these boards even fit into the computer market. The Celeron processor is now sporting a fan while the SiS northbridge has a small passive heatsink on it.

What I see most of the time are inexpensive computers that spend a lot of their life doing nothing more than browsing the web, writing e-mails, playing music, writing letters, managing the finances for a household or doing the odd spreadsheet.

I was able to successfully get a different sis driver to that eliminated the problems mentioned in this bug report using the workaround mentioned in 5 above the location of the source for this sis driver is mentioned in http: I obviously missed his warning. Despite the hardware improvements, the retail price of the board hasn’t increased significantly.


Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board D201GLY2

Intel has their driver source code available which fixes the issues, except while it would compile under Hardy, it won’t compile under Intrepid, apparently due to using a different xorg API. So it does use d201glly2 power, while the chipset quite possibly uses a lot less than the power hungry Express. Vertical noise is still there. The board is supposed to be fanless, still the heatsinks processor and northbridge get very hot.

Intel DGLY2 (with integrated Celeron Ghz CPU) [FANLESS] [ Intel Mini-ITX ]

Very few of these systems have ever seen use that would match their capability or exceed it. If you are not the original reporter, please file a new bug report, so we can work with you as the original reporter instead you can reference bug in your report if you think it may be related:. I elected to ignore that warning although previous SiS integrated video experiences dictated that I probably should have obeyed the warning and d201gpy2 a screenful of garbage video.

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton wrote on We’d like to figure out what’s causing this bug for you, but we haven’t heard back from you in a while. Hey, it’s a budget board—although once again I could see one of these driving a small workgroup server, network attached storage device, or web server on a bandwidth limited home broadband connection.

Software installation is also easy.


We’re guessing that our review sample was just that This is really sad, because it’s not that nobody was unfortunate to buy something with such a crappy SiS chipset It is a long standing and well known issue, and there is a fixed driver available. I found a temporary workaround that seems to be slightly better than the slow vesa driver: Compare Your comparison list is empty.

Declined for Lucid by Bryce Harrington. What is going wrong that this problem is not even noticed???? Dan Weiss danweiss wrote on The DGLY2 provides all the necessities for a basic system.

I later found an updated BIOS from Intel that made no difference in performance when navigating the setup screens. People reported not being happy with the speed in games on the Mirage 1, where the Express fared d021gly2 better.

Or rather, its music playback functionality worked perfectly.

Is there any work going on at making this motherboard work? I used a handy DDR2 module from Crucial and it worked fine at the lower clock speed. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

Thats why it does not fit into every enclosure. Average rating, based on 49 ratings.