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It really ended up as a bad nightmare, for now. Approved Cards and Drivers As of Feb. Was going to attempt a win7 partition just for XI, but not sure it’s really worth it as the intel graphics on my laptop aren’t that bad. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Use of the Catalyst 9. I can’t imagine SE ever allowing any flagship title to ‘cease to exist’, so i suspect nvifia it will always be playable in some official capacity. StormJumper Dec 16, Other than that, the game were natively plays around fps and 30 is the fps cap for it anyways.

In order to play my game I need to get rid of one of the probably most attractive things of these computers. Installation went through without a problem.

High end graphics cards and FFXI (Nvidia bug) –

You’ll see a lot of stuff on the web saying there’s no solution to this problem, but in fact there are two fixes. Gold World Pass exchange. Just, if you’re having this issue, and are reading this, know that the fix does technically exist.


Of course, since I have my game on pretty much all the time even from work, because I can use the game as “a chat” with my friends even when I am busy there is no point in reenabling NVidia video card “when I am not playing FFXI”, because if I am at th computer most likely I will have it on.

I use chrome anyway, so that’s not an issue. Mozilla said Flash would remain on the Firefox blocklist until Adobe fixes all known vulnerabilities.

Junk4BrainsDec 10,in forum: Question about Liquid Metal application. After the update, same thing. Be advised that following information ffxl subject to change depending on PC configuration and the version of driver software used. DirectX 8 and 9 were dropped years ago from hardware compatibility, and so are emulated on a CPU core.

Game: Final Fantasy XI

It’s due to the DirectX8 requirements of the game. Without going all PC history here, let’s just say that it’s ultimately a graphics driver issue and the idea that laptop owners nvivia even update their own GPU drivers without using the manufacturer as a middle man who’s usually two years behind is a very new phenomenon. The open source organization decided to block all versions of the Flash Player plugin up to version I mean, looking at how much interest this game still draws from free login campaigns.


Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades. Because FFXI relies on an old version, it’s basically unable to “see” the modern graphics cards.

Even FF14 has more cheaper subscription plan compared to FF11, another thing I also find weird although that’s hardly a reason why I’m spending more time over FF I have to run it as disabled, launch polviewer, enable it, then log in like normal. It is by far the better of the two for that reason, although both work. I explored this in depth and found no way to stop using the intel graphics.

Both became available in the last year, which is why all the conversation you read from and backwards saying there is no fix is valid Without a fix from them there is little you can do. This issue had me thinking hard nviida if i should buy a new computer Ffx also used mb of vRam with dgVoodoo if that means anything but it works!

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