Troubleshooting Safety guidelines While troubleshooting your notebook, follow these safety guidelines: Using a wireless Ethernet network Example peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet network Use a peer-to-peer also known as ad hoc wireless HelpSpot You can find help information by clicking a link, performing a search, or browsing the index. The notebook will spring up slightly Restoring Software www. HelpSpot HelpSpot videos HelpSpot contains several short videos to help introduce you to new concepts or show you how Identifying window items Window item Description Clicking the close button closes the active window or program.

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Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Checking Out Your Gateway Accessories Gateway offers accessories that can help you make the most of using Using the desktop Using the desktop The desktop contains the taskbar, the Start button, and the Recycle Bin icon Windows Basics Saving a document After you create a document, you need to save it if you vateway Restoring Software Reinstalling Windows If your computer is not working correctly, try the following options to correct the Windows Basics To create a folder: Maintaining Your Computer Protecting your computer from viruses A virus is a program that attaches itself to a Windows Basics Working with files and folders You can organize your files and programs to suit your preferences Managing hard drive space Managing hard drive space Windows provides several utilities you can use to manage your hard Adding or replacing memory 8 600yr the memory module out of the slot.


Maintaining Your Computer Caring for your gatrway To extend the life of your system: Troubleshooting Telephone numbers Gateway offers a wide range of customer aaudio, technical support, and information services.

Working with files and folders Copying and moving files and folders The skills you need to copy and move Identifying your model Internal wireless label A label similar to the following indicates your computer contains a wireless communications Changing batteries 9 Turn your notebook over.

Transferring Internet settings Transferring Internet settings You can use different methods to transfer your Internet account from your old Internet settings networking pointer 34 access pointscreen objects 35 ad hocMP3 file Getting Started Status indicators Status indicators inform you when a drive is being used or when a button Telephone support Telephone support Before calling Gateway Technical Support If you have a technical problem with your notebook, follow The most common types are inkjet Customizing Your Computer Adjusting the screen and desktop settings Adjusting the color depth and screen area are two L Media Player 96, label memory 16 internal wireless 13 adding Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity bay 9, Upgrading Your Notebook 8 Firmly push the new bay module straight into the bay until the latch clicks Sending and Receiving Faxes www.


Networking Your Computer 11 Connecting your home, small office, or home office computers lets you share drives, printers, and a Maintaining Your Computer Cleaning your computer Keeping your computer clean and the vents free from dust helps keep Safety, Regulatory, and Legal Information Warning Every country has different restrictions on the use of wireless devices.

Reinstalling Windows 7 When prompted, press any key to continue.

Accessories Printers You can attach almost any type of printer to your notebook. Connecting to a wired Ethernet network Connecting to a wired Ethernet network Your notebook has a network jack that Increase the brightness of the display Working with documents Working with documents Computer documents include word processing files, spreadsheet files, or other similar files.

Installing your old printer aaudio scanner Installing a parallel port printer You can usually install parallel port printers by Using Multimedia Changing the music library display settings To change the music library display settings: Using the Gateway Port Replicator Important The notebook may detect additional devices and add drivers after being Link 4, 38, close button 53 IEEE 4, 38,