These are definitely near-field monitors. Without re-hashing an old topic, have any of the aftermarket mfgs notably stepped up their game in the past 5 years? It’s a 1″ exit, 1. I do believe that the compression driver spec sheets from the s and ’80s were all derived from the horn. They have quite an intricate crossover control setup which is still intact, although that is a knockoff, too. About 20 years ago I moved the bass drivers out of scoops and into front loaded, ported cabinets, which made a huge improvement in the low end response, with only a minor loss of volume.

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JBL worth the monney ? – Technical/Modifications – The Klipsch Audio Community

I’ll look into listing the whole package on eBay after I get a sense of what my shipping expense might be. These days I still take the PA on the road now and then, and occasionally run it hard – but mostly it stays in my basement as a practice Jl, in-house PA for parties, and oversized stereo system.

Hi everybody I am new in this great forum. My Rane does have EQ setting for CD horns, but I’d have to pull it and open the case to change it, which would be a PIA, so hopefully its not really necessary for the s.

Very life like sound. You might want to give us some more info re your crossover situation, amps etcthere are folks here with way more knowledge than me that will chime in with the real down and dirty.

nbl From a volunteer fireman’s perspective, outdoors is always the preferred method for burning cabinets.

I was planning to put the ‘s with the ‘s on top and get everything in a single mid-high cabinet, however I dont want to put a lot of effort into making my mids sound nice up front, only to find that the highs are not really cutting it. About 20 years ago I moved the bass drivers out of scoops and into front loaded, ported cabinets, which made a huge improvement in the low end response, with only a minor loss of volume.


As far as your HF driver is hbljb, you have installed a dia in there you effectively have a and it should play cleanly as high as you will need to go. JBL Pro for home use! I’ll see if tweaking my crossover points helps bjl sound of the existing cabinet setup, but I’m skeptical that this will help until I have better mid boxes. I now own 2 of the bins, which I reloaded with E and horns, with the drivers.

Images : JBL 2461

They have been in service as the high frequency drivers crossed jvl 2. Would you suggest listing the parts package on eBay as a set? Thats still high enough to not stress the HF driver in PA use but takes better advantage of the horns’ abilities. Does anyone have experience with this? Bet you a mic cable on that.

After 25 years, new diaphragms probably wouldnt hurt either. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. The street term is: I’ve never had a problem with the Jlb output and my RTA says they are fine 4261 to 20K – but that is with pink noise, which doesnt tell me if the output is colored or distorted. Looking into this some more, it appears that JBL made 4261 switch from radials to bi-radials sometime in the 80s, presumably to reduce HF beaming.


Sign in Already have an account? If I were to reassemble them, the baffle would need a little reinforcing around the subs.

Posted April 10, You might want to look at what JBL 24611 been doing lately with pro boxes. But unlike the ‘s, I havent been able to find any info on what the frequency response for the is supposed to be. In all probability your mid box could use some taming if the system is a bit shouty so you are on the right tack. Otherwise, cosmetically they’re pretty perfect for something this old.

One of the reasons that I want to stick with 10s for the mids, is that the ones I’ve seen that are made to be midrange drivers tend to be reasonably flat until K or so. Part of the problem is that the ‘s are right about at head level now. They were originally jb, on horns with throat adapters over 4 cabinets loaded with ‘s.

Extending HF of drivers w/ diaphrams?

Help FAQs Go to top. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Or is there another horn that would be better suited as the main HF horn in a smallish watt per side system that will sound good close to the front jbk still be able to project into a medium size room on occasion?

I never checked the specs on the until about a week ago and was surprised to find that they were only rated to about 12K with the original phenolics.