Each sound features an Audition riff and these can be the spark for some great ideas. Log in Become a member. I adore this piano from the bottom up, from right to left, up and wide in front as back, a jewelry quality Raport an amazing price! If the latter sounds more like you, you’ll find a dedicated Loop button which cycles around an area of your choosing, while the Grid Seq button activates a running light style sequencer to allow you to create basslines, beats or sequence patterns on the fly, which can then comprise one of the instruments in your track. We rather suspect, though, that the microStation is here to stay. As previously mentioned, sounds are organised into nine categories, from synths to basses to leads to drums and so on.

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Sort by most recent most useful. I believe that all opinions agree. Then you can go on the PC tool. Request a new review. As microststion editing sounds, there is great, with the software of course At the argus is around euros If there had to be a compromise here, we’d have preferred an octave fewer notes in favour microstationn full-size keys but, as gripes go, it’s by no means a deal-breaker. Several effects such as cut, resonance, delay, etc.

Our Verdict The microStation bridges the divide between the workstation and micro ranges beautifully. Fortunately there is a very good video on youtube Manual Korg!

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Before buying, I go around all that exists keyboard workstation through the various demos that I found on the net C” summarized the characteristics of this device, in the following notice Cons Hands up who likes mini keys? Here’s a synth sound with various real-time parameter tweaks. The top surface features a central two-line LCD display in the middle, with a sound ‘ladder’ to the left to display which category of sound you’re currently playing, with the internal sequencer transport buttons below.


As previously mentioned, sounds are organised into nine categories, from synths to basses to leads to drums and so on. The Fender Rhodes, on the other hand are very nice and very realistic I shall be happy to play with just AC.

Menu-driven approach to sound editing. Intuitive and immediate yet deep when required. We couldn’t find a way to switch the microStation to relative mode, so hopefully this might be something for Korg to address in a future firmware update.

Combi mode where you can play up to 16 sounds at the same time Split the keyboard in different ways Parts for batteries, a “grid” you can rapido at least a first rhythm to wedge the lower parts etc I hate playing over a click then left to replace it with a trick played in real time.

I’m kkorg a musician, but passionate at the base, I made the beats Rap on MPC and I was looking for a keyboard, with a wide range of sound, more changeable, to vary my instrument chorus, etc.

Programs can be edited via the LCD screen, using microtsation ‘compass point’ navigation buttons to its bottom right. Just turn it on and starting going through your sounds.

The microStation’s presets are well chosen, offering a good balance between dance music sounds and more obviously ‘workstation’ tones such as pianos acoustic and microsgationguitars, basses and wind, brass and orchestral sounds. This also applies to the internals that can use both arpeggiators within its arrangements.


This keyboard is small and compact, making it perfect for the gigging musician or someone who travels a lot from studio to studio like I do.

The velocity of the keyboard is good, considering the fact that it is a “mini”, bad, no aftertouch Not all effects can be loaded into each slot, so it’s not possible to load eight reverbs to a single sound, for instance, but a sensible channel strip style approach is microstxtion instead, which shouldn’t prove too frustrating. With a total of effect types you will never run out of effects on the Korg Microstation.

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To return to the kotg, I almost forgot Each sound features an Audition riff and these can be the spark for some great ideas. Those of you familiar with Korg’s architecture will know that sounds can be played in either single Program mode, or combined Combi modes, with the latter letting you split sounds across the keyboard or create stacks for extra power.

The microStation is also packed full of more obviously ‘workstation’ sounds if dance music isn’t your thing. The microStation is a revelation and, in our opinion, microstahion total success.