I’ll try to search for a solution on the mentioned link. I get the media program to call for a file to open, but when I click on one of the files on the SD card, a tiny window opens with no clip in it. There is no particular advantage and you pay a premium for this software that you would not be using? In any case I still like the Magellan device for its relative simplicity and consider it good for semi-professional and occasional use. Is it possible that running explorer AND the shell at the same time uses too much of the system resources? In practive I found it to be even better.

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Dear Friends, I’m a new user here and wan’t to say Hello to all. This site uses cookies. This isn’t working for me.

Can anyone point me to a good WinCE web site? I successfully installed the customization.

Windows CE Core 5 on GPS unit Magellan

Put the SD card back into the Magellan. If it is recognized, the problem is with the GPS, if teh other device is not recognized, the problem is with ActiveSync. I have not checked or reproduced the technical problems she reported, so I cannot confirm. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.


Unfortunately, I do not know how to do this on your particular device.

GpsPasSion Forums – MioPocket 3v50 ActiveSync – Magellan Maestro

Well, now the process seems to be working. I want to put IGo on it,cause i have excellent experience with it and i have put it on several units takara, siemens-vdo,etc. This page magellsn last edited on 8 Augustat You are commenting using your Facebook account. I can’t get the system to store the blank desktop instead of the one that says “Windows CE.

I wonder about going the other way. Actvesync I try the “Full Screen” option under the appropriate menu, the window disappears.

Post Processing is an option on the MobileMapper 6 software, so you need two license codes, one for the MobileMapper software, and one for the PostProcessing option.

I recently upgraded to the new firmware. Need help still, Come on guys Post some solution Regards.

Maybe I have the wrong expectations or I’m too clumsy when I do get what I want to keep it from disappearing. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. AlephNull – new firmware is not a problem on mine.

Other languages — Help us translate this wiki. Image shown is of activesyync similar earlier Magellan eXplorist The windown cannot be resized. Now we are going to move our data from the Magellan to the PC and post-process it to improve spatial accuracy.

It seems that in the meantime the MobileMapper products were sold under the Ashtech brand.

Magellan MobileMapper 6 GPS – Part 3

Thanks, WinCE is a bit of a mystery to me so far. Free map data available at maps4me.

There may be an indication in the fact that the unit will not function as an MP3 player and a GPS receiver at the same time. I am poor at describing the problems I am seeing because this is the first time I have ever used a WinCE device. Load the raw GPS data: There is no particular advantage and you pay a premium for this software that you would not be using?